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Rustic Handcrafted log tables

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Rustic Handcrafted Tables

Our family will handcraft the perfect table for your spot. We will build out of most woods and styles, We love working with natural edge cedar and walnut. Walnut with its light and dark colors are a perfect blend for most rustic decors.

We have many tables styles to choose from adding new items regulary. Check our pictures for our designs or send us an email with your thoughts.

We can handcraft natural edge walnut tables up to 50" wide and 96" long. We use cedar stumps or natural cedar  logs for bases.




game table

Pine Coffee table with woodburned Checker board

 Table is about 32" x 32 x 18 tall.

Has deep dawer for storing the game pieceds

Legs are cedar logs with cedar limbs as accent

Top has been woodburned, the branches and twigs and board frame

Check pieces are Red Cedar and Walnut left natural and there plenty of extra pieces for those that come up missing.

Walnut Boulder table

Handcrafted Walnut Coffee table

This is really one of a kind. This slab had a large hole with the knot fell out, It was just the right side for a childs head, So we pluged it with a pretty stone

Table is about 66" long and 37" wide and 18" tall

Sits on two large cedar stumps and a few cedar limbs for accent.

  Boulder Tab;e  
Cedar Coffee Table

Cedar Slab Coffee Table

This very wide cedar slab is a single trunck with three large limbs, goes from about 18" at the one end to 34" at the wide end.

Lots of bark inclusion in this slab. top is over 2" thick.

Sits on two large cedar stumps,

Top has a rub on finish by Minwax for years of maintance free luster.

Just completed for your home.

  Wide slab coffee table   DSCN sm    DSCN sm   
Walnut Coffee table

Handcrafted Walnut Coffee Table

This is a unique walnut natural edge walnut slab coffee table.

Table is about 24" wide  60" long anf 17 1/2" tall

Base was created from using old red pine roots that have been buried along the old farm fields for maybe hundreds of years, these are being dug up and reporposed for many different uses.

  Black Walnut Coffee table   coffee table    wide walnut slab   
Walnut table with tourquise

Walnut Coffee table

Black Walnut Coffee table, 48" long and about 24" wide, 17 tall.

This walnut slab should have been used for gun stocks but was to pretty to cut up.

Lots of curly and featherring grain in this slab.

We fill the two long voids with pebbles and tourquoise chips. great accent

Sitting on two nice cedar stumps with cedar limbs as accent.

Sold but we can build another close to it

  Turquoise inlaid walnut coffee table  
Walnut Coffee Table

Walnut Coffee Tables

These custom made walnut natural edge slab coffee tables are one of kind item, We will handcraft you table to you need's.

We start with a wide Black walnut slab,pretty much any width your wanting, We have 2" thick slabs from 18" wide up to 70" wide, and length can be aany size.

We sand them down to a 220 grit and then apply a nice rub on finish by minwax, it will get about 6-8 coats.

We will use either one cedar stump or sometimes two or three depending on the customer request and the size of the table, These handcrafted coffee table start of at about $750.00

So give us a call and see what we can design and build for you, Coffee table can ship in about 4 weeks,


Walnut coffee table $starting at $750.00

20" x 48" $750.00

24" x 48" $850.00

30" x 48" $950.00

These prices will vary depending on slab and size,

This table has sold but we can build you one like it from your choice of slabs

     walnut coffee front sm    walnut table sm    walnutt coffee table sm    walnut crotch table sm   
Handcrafted Table

Handcrafted Walnut Coffee Table

Nice size for the great room or livinig room Table is solid natural edge walnut slads with a high gloss Liquid glass like epoxy finish, seal and protect the natural beauty of the walnut table

24" wide
48" Long
18" Tall

Tabl has two cedar stumpS as a base.


 Sorry folks this table has SOLD

We can build more like it but different give us a holler.


  Walnut coffee table, Handcrafted high gloss epoxy finish   walnut tables  sm    walnut tables  sm   
Walnut Coffee table

Walnut Coffee Table with natural stone bed

Pair of Walnut slabs with a bed of river stones laid into the top leaving the tops surfaces of the stone exposed for the total river feel.

Table top is 2" thick and about 22" wide and 48" long

Has four large ceda r logs for a base with cedar branches as accent.

All finished with a hard finish by Minwax for years of great luster in a satin finish


This table has sold but we will build one like it to the size you need

  Walnut slab top with cedar log legs   stone inlay    walnut and cedar coffee table   
Walnut Television Table

Handcraft Rustic Walnut

Natural edge walnut Television stand

Table as shown is 36" wide and 24" tall and 14" deep
We use a natural edge walnut slab thats almost 2" thick. That is sealed with about 10 coats of a hand rubbed minwax oil finish.

Base legs are natural cedar logs about 3-4" diameter accented with cedar branches, Shelf is also natural edge walnut.

Will build these unit to any size needed.

  Walnut Television stand  
Cedar End Table

Natural edge Rustic Cedar table

These taller cedar tables make a great bed side piecs, Constructed from natural cedar logs. Table is about 22" x18"" x 28" tall. Has a very unique bottom shelf, a single log sawed in two so each pcs is the reverse of the other. Top is natural cedar slabs 2" thick glued for width.

Tops are sanded with 180 grit paper ready for your finish.

  Half Log cedar shelf   table topx side th    table topx th   
Walnut Hall Table

Walnut Sofa Tabll

This natural edge hall table is 27" wide 16" deep and 29 tall. Top is 2" thick. all has a natural rubbed on satin finish, cedar stumps as a base


Sold but can build you one to the size you need

  Walnut Hall Table  
Walnut Wine Rack

Natural edge Walnut Bar and wine storage

Tabls 41"wide 17" deep and 36" tall

top is a very noce walnut crocth log with a nice look and graining.

Legs are cedar along with cedar branches accent\

42" Bar Wine rack - $750.00

60" Bar - $975.00

add glass holder to bottom side $150

  Walnut Wine Table Bar  

Handcrafted Walnut End Table

Our handcrafted rustic walnut end tables,

Natural edge Walnut slab  table. Each handcrafed walnut table will have two natural edges with maybe some bark to add the extra beatuy. Tops are about 2" thick, with the dark to light coloring of natural walnut. These side tables are constructed by our family in Northern Michigan.

Each rustic will have a hand rubbed finished to bring out the rick luster of Black Walnut. Tables are built on natural cedar logs as legs each one being carefully crafted to keep as much natural beauty. With a cedar limbs supporting the walnut shelf.

Walnut Table as shown is about 16" deep and 24" wide and 24" tall

  walnut table with cedar accent   walnut end table sid sm   
Walnut Sofa Tables

Walnut Sofa Tables and Hall tables

These Rustic Walnut Sofa tables are great behind a coach or along a entry wall or Hall.
This great looking Walnut table is 48" wide and 30" tall and about 16" deep, Has four flared tree stumps as legs, and matching cedar branches as accent, The bottom shelf is about 8" deep., All finished with about 10 coats of a hand rubbed oil finish by Minwax for years of lasting luster.

Table has sold, but can build one to the size you need

  Walnut sofa table   walnut sofa table  sm    walnut slab sofa table sm   
Cedar Log End Table

Makes a great table to go along the recliner or couach. Nice size drawer to store all those remotes and manuals.

Table is 24" square and 24" tall legs are about 4" . has a natural cedar limb accent drawer pull.

These tables come ready for your finish.


Table is sample. This table has sold but we build more to your specs

  Log Table with drawer

Just $225  
redwood coffee table

Rustic Redwood Coffee Table

AS NATURAL AS YOU CAN GET, This one of a kind rare find is just what your looking for, nice large natural edge redwood slab, This hand crafted redwood coffee table has all the curly grains and unique coloring and natural indentations. Finished with 10 coats of natural looking satin finish, hand rubbed polyurethane

Almost a full 3" thick all 95% natural edge , about 36" wide and 56" long 17" tall sitting on a natural cedar stump.


  Redwood slab table   redwood coffee   sm   
Hall or Couch Table

Cedar table is 16" deep and 48 " long stands 34" tall. Great for behind a couch or in the hallway.

Cedar top is 2" thick with 3-4" cedar logs wrapping the outer edge. Face is accented with pinecones and twigs.

  sofa table   PICT    window table    Rustic Table    PICT   
Cedar Stump Table

Cedar Stump Table.

Natural edge cedar slab tops, some will have bark left. We place thes on natural cedar stumps.

Table all have a natural hand rubbed satin finish for years of lasting luster

Bedside tables range in heights of 26" - 28"

Chair or couch table are between 22" - 24"

We can make these to fit your needs.

This table has sold but we can build more just like it to your specs

Rustic Handcrafted Cedar End Table

This Handcrafter rustic cedar table end has a clear finish on the cedar top and a golden Oak stain on the legs and bottom shelf give a nice contrast for your consideration.

Tables are left natural for your finish.. Table top is 2" thick, by 16" wide and 22" long and about 16" deep.

Cedar top is a 2" thick natural edge slab. Legs are about 4" diameter and has a half log shelf.


Cedar Game Table

What's your game either Checkers or Chest, Table is 48 log and 24 wide and 18 tall.

Checkerboard is wood burned into the center, Checkers are made of cedar rounds and come with a burlap bag to store them in. We left the bark on the edges and sealed them with 4 coats lacquer. Table has a distress top.

  Small 40 square table with four stools, Has free form checker board wood burned, With natural cherry and walnut checkers,

$850   log furnituer game top sm   
Sofa Tables/Wine Racks

One of a kind, Have the only one like it, These walnut sofa tables and wine racks are very unique, Tops being made from natural edge walnut slabs, 2" thick and rangeing from 12" deep up to 20" deep and 32" wide up to 60" wide., and also sitting on unique cedar stumps, tied together with natural cedar limbs and twigs. We can create one of these to your needs, whether being a sofa table or dining room wine rack, shoot us a email with your spec, and we will quote yours.

This table has sold, but will build more to fit your needs

     wine rack    wine rack    wine rack   
Pine Root Table

Pine roots are from old pine stumps from the logging era, These root are heavy in resin and texture, Deep dark reds and weatherd apperance, All natural look and feel, Top is a natural oval bark edge birch slab about 2" thick.

Table will make a great sofa table or wall table.

  Hard Maple top  
Box Elder Sofa Table

Box Elder Sofa Table

This natural edge box elder table with all its grays and red streaks make a great looking table.

Table is about 60" wide and 16" deep and 30" tall, Top is 2" thick and full of the natural red streaks that box elder is know for. 


Sold but we can build on close to it for you

Twig Tables

Tops are about 2" thick with a very heavy bark edge. Lots of groth ring to accent the top make a very nice conversation piece.

Legs are either red pine or cedar, with shelf. Size will vary tops can be as large as 24" or as small as 8". table height can also be to your needs.

Twig Accent Table

2" cedar slab tops with natural live bark edges. This give the real rustic look, Legs are 4" natural logs and accented with cedar twigs. Shelf can be natural curves or creat with a close to flat style.

Speciality Table

These tables can be built to suit your needs. This one is 28" tall, with two shelves. Would be a great place to showcase a plant and vase. We can make these log stands in any shape or size.


Log End Table

We can build these side table to your specification's, Being that all beds are not created equal, Heights can range from 24" up to 30", we can build them as narrow as 22" or as wide as needed.

Our natural edge cedar tops and drawer fronts are unique to our style, No factory edges or parts, We us a full extension ball bearing drawer slide for ease of loading and stuffing, Call for a special size price quote.

Walnut Stump Table

Walnut Side Table

Walnut natural edge slabs tops with nice natual cedar bases, As shown 22" x 24" and 24" tall. But we can build these to any height or size you require.

Bed side table are about 28" tall

Couch or chair tables are about 24" tall.

Stump Coffee Table

This extra long coffee table is about 68" long and 22" wide stands 18" tall, Has very unique base with two large cedar stumps and one shorter one that was grown out of the larger on, We cut this one shorter to hold a small log slab to hold your remotes out of the way.. The table top is a 3" thick cedar slab with some of the natural edge bark let on, top has also been accented with some natural looking marks.

Rustic Walnut Coffee Table

Handcrafted Rustic Walnut coffee table

This custom made natural edge walnut slab was made into a great coffee table by a couple in Northern Michigan, This table measures about 60" long and 27" wide and 17" tall.

Has bark edge all the way around this slab and lots of character through out. Has  a satin finish that will protect this surface for many years.

Sorry Folks this table has sold

  Handcrafted Walnut Table  
Cedar Log End Table

Great cedar log table for either the great room or bedroom. Table is 28" tall and about 16" wide and 24" deep. Cedar top is 2" thick and has the natural live edge. Table legs are about 4" diameter and left natural for the cedar scent. top is sanded with 220 ready for your finish. All table are a little different.

Cedar Log Coffee Table

This table has a 2" slab top with natural edges,. Legs are about 5" diameter and has three 2" logs for the bottom shelf.

Table is about 42" long and 18" wide and 18" tall. sanded to 180 grit ready for your finish.

Walnut Coffee Table

Walnut top is 2" thick natural edge slab, as natural as they come, we leave as much of the bark as possible and sand to a smooth look and feel, table are all very unique in look and shape. No two alike. Walnut table will vary in size, But can be ordered to the size you need up two 49" wide and 96" long.

Table as shown 18" wide and 42" long and 18" tall. base is also all natural edge walnut slabs, with natural curves and shape.

Table are very heavy and hard. makes a great den table or bench. Walnut table all have a rub on poly finish to give them that low luster and deep rich dark brown finish.

Table is Sold

Walnut Table

Walnut Coffee Table

Natural edge Black Walnut coffee table 24" wide and 50" long and 17" tall, hand rubbed polyurethane finish. Some of the edge bark still on.

Base is made of cedar logs with cedar branches as accent

Has Sold, We can create one for you if this is the style your looki for.


  Cedar base with cedar branch accents  
Walnut Hall or Display Table

Black Walnut Hall table

This natural edge black walnut display or hall table will make a great conversation piece in your home. Table stands 30" tall, 18" deep and 37" wide, top and base are natural edge black walnut slabs that are a full 2" thick. Sititing on a cedar stump. all hasa hand rubbed natural satin finish.

This table has Sold, but we can create one like it for you

  Natural edge walnut table top  

A NOTE ABOUT OUR PRICES & SHIPPING: All prices on our site DO NOT include shipping. When you are ready to order please email or call us at (989) 786-5089. We do this because we would rather quote your the exact shipping cost to your door. We want your business and want to give you the best possible pricing on our high-quality hand crafted log furniture.